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15 Mistakes To Avoid When Promoting Your MLM On Social Media

Using Social Media can be a fantastic way to build your MLM business.  I’ve built teams of thousands of people almost exclusively online and the majority of my conversations are from people who reached out to me and are asking me to sponsor them into whatever company I’m in… I only wish I had learned this sooner.

Social Media has allowed me to become friends with some of the best MLM leaders and trainers in the world, attract quality networkers into my business, create lifelong friendships and become one of the top income earners in my MLM company.

How to Use Social Media to Grow Your MLM Business

There’s no doubt that Social media has made life considerably easier in many ways… It’s an incredibly valuable tool…

We can easily connect with anyone anywhere in the world at any time of the day…  We can no longer use the excuses “I don’t have time” or “I don’t know anyone”.

BUT, if used improperly, social media can also HURT you and your network marketing business… In fact, looking back to when I first started marketing on Facebook, I was doing everything wrong… EVERYTHING…

The vast majority of what you see being done on Social Media is wrong… wrong… wrong… I’ve heard it said that the good news is duplication works… and the bad news is DUPLICATION WORKS… Be sure that what you are doing is worth duplicating.

I’m writing this to save you time, effort, and valuable relationships that you could damage if you dont stop making this easily corrected mistakes

15 Common Mistakes that Most MLM Network Marketers Make on Social Media.

1) Not Posting Often Enough

Don’t be afraid of exposing yourself on social media… MLM is here to stay and an incredible way to earn a living or a supplementary income

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve spoken to people who call themselves “Networkers” yet AREN’T using the largest NETWORK in the world to build their business.

To me it’s a no brainer… Be a real person… jump in the deep end and make it part of your daily life… If you invited me to a party where there was an ENDLESS supply of people to expose my product or opportunity to and I CHOSE to stay home (and continue to struggle), wouldn’t you question my sanity?

Social Media is no different than meeting people in our every day life.

You already do this… forget about the technology… meeting people online is the same process… dont over think this.

Which brings us to #2

2) Treating Social Media Differently

The good news is that social media does NOT require any new social skills.

There are NO new rules… No new etiquette… all the same behaviors (that you should already know) apply to social media!

Social media is just another way to meet people… The only RULE that you need to burn into your brain is this…

If you won’t do if OFFLINE, then don’t do it ONLINE.

Would you walk into a party and immediately start pitching people you just met on your product or opportunity? Of course not… So don’t do it on social media either.

3) Using Too Many Social Media Channels

You have a limited amount of time and there is no way you can stay active and do well if you spread your attention across too many social media channels (such as Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, SnapChat, etc…) If you have the money to invest in a full time social media manager then by all means go for it.

When you divide your attention among too many platforms you will do a mediocre job on all of them and it ends up hurting you.

Imagine going to multiple parties in one night and trying to remember where you met each person.

It’s better to focus on just one and do it well… I’ve never managed to do more than two effectively…

Deciding which network is right for you can depend on your philosophy… The most popular network by far is Facebook… I would recommend starting there… or if you want to blaze the trail hop over to the hottest new app and build your brand in a less crowded space.

Which ever one you feel most comfortable with is probably the best one for YOU… Be true to yourself. 🙂

4) Trying to Sell Your Products and Opportunity Immediately

Just like you won’t walk into a party and start selling immediately, you also don’t do that on social media.

You have to provide value and get to know people first before you start posting links to your products and business.

My personal rule is to NEVER… EVER… under any circumstance (is that clear enough)… send anyone a link to a video or your company website without:
a.) your prospect specifically asking for it.
b.) getting permission to send them more information after a discussion with your prospect where you have identified a potential problem that could be solved if they were to view your information.

5) Promoting Your Company and Products

Top online marketing leaders don’t use social media to sell.

They create curiosity that ATTRACTS prospects who become interested… then they sell to them.

When you post links to your company or product, you kill the curiosity and people become less interested in meeting to learn more about your business… they can use Google or YouTube and learn everything on their own…

I’ll even be willing to bet that some of you reading this have inadvertently driven prospects into the open arms of another distributor in your company by oversharing on social media… OUCH….

6) Not Providing Value

Always think about how to help your audience and give value.

You get people’s attention when you help others.

Here are 4 Ways to Provide Value on Social Media:

1.) Knowledge

2.) Motivational or Inspirational Quotes

3.) Interesting Personal Details

4.) Something Funny

7) Not Engaging

By now, you already understand that social media is just like attending social events offline.

Just like you don’t walk into a party and stare and talk to no one, you have to engage with your audience on social media.

That means you have to like, comment and communicate with others.

It takes time but you have to do it otherwise you’ll just be like the guy who walks into a party and stares at everyone and leaves.

Most importantly, if you don’t engage with others, you are telling Facebook that you either have no interest or people are not interested in you.

In other words, “you don’t matter” to this Facebook world.

And if you don’t matter, Facebook will “penalize” you by decreasing the number of people who sees your posts and you become irrelevant.

8) Posting Things That Are Not Consistent With What You Represent

People forget that everyone is always watching what you do. They post things that are inconsistent with their business.

An example is a distributor in a health and wellness company posting pictures of them eating McDonalds!

I’m not saying they shouldn’t be eating there but if they do, they shouldn’t be posting about it!

9) Not Showing Commitment to the Business

What is your main vision?

Are you being committed?

Are you a real entrepreneur?

Most importantly, are you a SERIOUS Entrepreneur?!

I see this frequently.


People who claim to be a professional then plaster their facebook timeline with high scores from candy crush, etc… I play games to unwind from time to time but for petes sake make sure you havent given your games carte blanche to post anything and everything to your timeline for EVERYONE to see!!!

If you want to be taken as a serious entrepreneur, make sure your posts are consistent with that image you want to create.

10) Lack of Consistency in Posts

When you are not consistent people start doubting your commitment and vision.

You have to make it a daily habit to post consistently.

This is another reason why you should focus on only 1 – 2 social media platforms. It’s better to post consistently on one platform than being everywhere with little to no consistency.

11) No Personal Content

People are interested in what’s going on in your personal life.

Many of my most popular posts and videos are ones that have my kids in them.

If you just share business stuff, people will start ignoring you and you become irrelevant.

again… facebook will penalize you further if you are deemed irrelevant…

Now… we’re going to go into more advanced strategies and the mistakes that are made.


12) Not Segmenting Your Friends and Leveraging Friend’s Lists

This is one of the best parts of Facebook and I show you how to do it in this quick video post.

You get to create different lists (not to be confused with Facebook Groups) of friends and then you can decide who gets to see what.

For example I put all my family into a “Family” list. This allows me to post things that only my Family gets to see.

You can do this for prospects as well.

To learn how to segment and create Friends lists, watch this short quick video.

13) Not Having a Time Budget for Social Media

Social media can HURT your business if you let yourself get carried away with it.

There are endless things to read and things to comment on and you can easily spend too much time and find yourself not doing the 5 money making activities to build your MLM business.

To prevent from falling into this trap, the best thing to do is set a timer on your phone and give yourself 5 – 10 minutes per social media session.

Once the timer is up, you have to stop and go back to doing what you were working on.

This creates urgency and also make you more productive in your social media activities.

14) Replying Back to People Too Quickly

Successful people are busy and if you reply back immediately it shows lack of posture and success.

Just imagine if you emailed the President of the USA or even the President of your MLM company, will they reply back immediately?

Most likely not!

They’re too busy doing important things.

If you reply back to prospects immediately on social media, people will lose belief in your leadership and also success because if you were truly successful, how would you have so much time to waste on social media?

Quick replies are also not sustainable.

I struggle with this.

You can reply back immediately if you only have a few prospects or team members… but what happens once you have a team of thousands and everyone expects you to reply right away??

It will drive you crazy!

There’s no way you can get back to people immediately so it’s better to set the right precedent from the start and train people to wait.

15) Spending Too Much Time on Social Media

Just like anything in life, too much of a good thing becomes a bad thing.

Let social media be a friend and not a foe.

Don’t be so connected that you’re not connected in life.

I know people who have huge followings and thousands of friends online but no true friend in the real world…

And that’s a sad life.

Make sure you avoid mistake #13 and set a time budget so that you have time to be present and be with your loved ones.

Turn off the phone and computer and go out for a walk and cherish your surroundings.

You have to make that decision now or else you can be consumed by it for hours and then not only will your MLM business fail but deep down you realize you’re living an empty life.

Those are my top 15 common mistakes that MLM distributors make with social media.

Which ones do you need to work on?

If you want to learn advanced strategies on how to brand yourself on social media so that you can attract more prospects, check out my other courses…  If you’d like one-on-one mentoring you can click here for more info.


About The Author

Jeff Atkins is a Top 1% Network Marketing Professional who helps struggling networkers create time and financial freedom to live a happier, more fulfilling life by teaching the fundamentals as well as how to create online systems that generate an endless supply of qualified prospects eager to follow them in their MLM.



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  2. Thank you Jeff for all the great pointer in this blog post . I know for sure I will be implementing some of them into my marketing strategies for social media and my blog . Thank you once again :-))

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