Overcoming My F.E.A.R. of Heights.

About Jeff

I’m passionate about teaching you how to become financially free through your home business so that you can spend time doing what you want, when you want, with whom you want…. Whether that’s spending time with your family and friends, volunteering to help those less fortunate, or traveling the world… My family is everything to me, and being able to have time and location freedom is my number one goal with any businesses venture I pursue. I enjoy working with people who are looking for the same thing from their life!


I’m just a regular guy who joined a network marketing company 24 years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. In the early years though I struggled in MLM after MLM. I had built several successful traditional businesses and loved the Network Marketing concept but I couldn’t manage to build a solid organization using the methods I was being taught by my upline and I quickly joined the N.F.L. (No Friends Left) Club.

Having exhausted my warm market, I began to research the secrets, YES SECRETS, that were being used by the best of the best. Many of the TOP EARNERS in Network Marketing were paying companies thousands upon thousands of dollars to create elaborate attraction marketing systems to funnel prospects to them day in and day out. The only problem was that they couldn’t duplicate these systems in their organizations because, quite frankly, most people didn’t have the money to invest nor did these “Rockstars” want the competition. So, from stage they told people to go out and talk to all of their friends and family members because that was something the masses could do and as long as they were bringing new people on board faster than they were quitting they could succeed while 97% of their team failed never making a penny of profit.


I almost quit MLM for good… well actually I did quit… After 19 failed attempts to build a solid organization I swore to myself and my wife “NEVER AGAIN”… Then, as technology improved and lowered in price, combined with a mentor who helped me realize many of the mistakes I had been making, I saw the opportunity to invest in myself and my business to create online systems to generate leads for me around the clock, 24/7. I now have new prospects contacting me daily… and the only time I have conversations about pyramids is if one of my kids does a history report on Egypt… AND the best part is that people regularly ask me to sponsor them onto my team without any sales pitch from me. Actually some of them join my team without ever speaking to me. How awesome is that?


I’m considered an expert in Attraction Marketing, SEO, Networking, Social Media and Online Branding. I’ve trained people around the world how to do what I do.

Building my MLM is no longer a frustration and today I’m able to spend time with my family and friends and actually enjoy helping people increase their income in their network marketing companies.

Whether you are looking for a great home based business opportunity or happy with the one you’re with, I can help you build your online brand, attract quality prospects, and have more fun in your business!


To attract people to your business we need an online presence that we can start driving traffic to, a plan to convert those visitors into leads, a great follow up system in place to keep in touch with our new friends and introduce them to our businesses regardless of whether we’re on vacation, sleeping, or playing with our kids! Lastly, we need a system that teaches them how to leverage their time to have the same success as you.


Here’s a recent Leadership Call with my company where I was asked to speak… Press PLAY and you’ll get a glimpse of my passion for this industry.

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired and spinning your wheels with old school MLM methods… If you are coachable… If you are willing to follow a proven system… If you are ready to finally begin building a business that can create true financial freedom for yourself and your family, then click the button below to learn more and then we can layout a game plan for YOUR success.

I’m Ready

To your success!

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Always remember to do something each day that your future-self will thank you for!



  1. Jeff Buntain

    I believe I joined the n.f.l. also and I need help. I am not asking for a hand out I am teachable and coachable and so ready to make some real money and become a leader for me team. we have about the same story and I just never figured out the secret in MLM so if you would please help me. Todd Sasser and Lydia Abbott are my upline in paid2save and HELP thank u for your time


    • no problem Jeff… I’ve met Lydia and spoken to todd… Great people… Im more than happy to help point you in the right direction… Send me a friend request on Facebook and lets chat.

  2. Hi Jeff,
    to the point found your site
    Im shaking my head/ studying a half dozen plans and going dizzy…Network Marketing types.
    I have a Sales/Promotions/some Marketing/Customer relationship background { good with helping people} Background.
    Researching 2 plans:
    1- A green Company in a category of there own why!! because I like health and nutrition… Binary Comp …Not crazy about the Binary but no Flush!
    2- Paid2Save ….found that today. seems like a winner and probably is in momentum …have not research it at that level quite yet.

    Im looking at a lead generation Data minor/Broadcaster product with no monthlys ..but poss Phone fees$
    no big deal.

    I want to work with a leader …someone to model.

    My best accomplishments
    A –Was a pitchman on a county fair circuit. Loved Loved Loved Loved Loved it …My personality Period!!
    B –Sold LTD ED Celebrity Sports Pictures Custom made My Company ,I used a Manufacture and did very well for 10 yrs B2B and Kicked ass out of my car and established wholesale accounts along the way with stores etc…..Im not a big sportsFan but I had a good time with emotional mini roller coasters ,comes with the turf…all and all it treated me well.

    I left this industry MLM for quite a while now in my 50s I need to get rockin again …because I have no residual Income.
    I have good computer skills but with all the tools out there It would be best I do a ready to go plan cookie cutter and work with a Pro and apply my personality to start generating revenue. I looked at MLSP early on but held off, and it was a mistake
    I saw some leaders emerge from it. anyway the hell with the past.
    A phone call from you would be great, perhaps you could shed some light on a few things if you dont mind.
    Financially I can afford to give a program or 2 a go.
    I wont join anything or be lead by gurus or leaders unless it makes sense to me , Im sure you will appreciate that. enough said for the moment.
    for the moment I sell on Ebay …chump change. but I dont give up!
    if you can or wont call , thats quite alright email me at the above , perhaps we can get on Skype and do a video 1on1. if your to busy having fun hook me up with a great leader with a personality who people love learning from.

    Thanks partner,

    Dave Cipullo
    Portland,ME. USA

    • I’ve attempted to reach you by phone several times Dave… I’ll try again today but feel free to call me any time. 317-606-3648


  3. Cherylan Hils

    Hi Jeff.
    I am under Jeff Buntain & I need help too.
    Thank you!

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