Attraction Marketing Secrets Revealed

You’ve probably heard the buzz about Attraction Marketing and wondered what exactly they were talking about.

Attraction Marketing is a new and revolutionary way of marketing that has evolved and turned conventional techniques on their head. Attraction marketing means you no longer have to hunt for people to sell your product to.

Back in the day people spent hours cold calling on the phone and knocking on doors frequently with no results. With attraction marketing you now don’t have to search through an unresponsive market, your prospects come to you for what they want.

This is the ideal form of marketing for anybody in the field.

By reducing the amount of time that must be spent chasing new business, it increases the amount of time that can be spent promoting products and educating customers.

The great thing is that the individuals that you attract won’t just want to purchase your product, but they may also want to benefit from your successes and take a role in your network marketing business.

Normal selling techniques often lose sight of one crucial and simple fact, people don’t like to be sold but they love to buy.

Attraction marketing is based on the assumption that the best advertisement for the products you are selling is you.

Nothing puts a likely buyer in a bad mood quicker than an aggressive salesperson cold calling.

The attraction marketing secret is to take the customer’s current desire to purchase and meet it by providing them a high quality product that they want or need.

It is no longer about selling a product, attraction marketing is about selling you first. Products do not sell products, people sell products and with attraction marketing methods you can reach success quicker.

You brand yourself as the most attractive part of the package and the sales follow. As an attraction marketing expert you need to convince your client they want what you have.

This isn’t done by throwing tons of facts at them, it is performed by demonstrating what your products can do, and most importantly, what your products have done for you.  In other words, the BENEFITS.  Sell the sizzle not the steak, and remember… Facts TELL, Stories SELL… If you want to sell more become a better story teller.

You need to be offering them a SOLUTION to their PROBLEM.

The same principle can be applied when you’re ready to build your downline.

With the current economy the way that it is, there are millions of people looking for new ways to increase their cash flow. There are also thousands of network marketers who are looking to improve their results.

Other marketers are your ideal target!

Don’t just tell them how great your opportunity is though. They’ve heard it all before and the hard sell won’t work.

You have to persuade them that with your opportunity, and more importantly YOU, they can achieve the results they want, and be successful.

Implementing an attraction marketing system isn’t hard, but can require a mind-set change for some individuals.

Rather than trying to figure it out on your own, you can save yourself a lot of time and use an already proven system like MLSP.

My Lead System Pro has evolved tremendously over the last 12 months so even if you’ve considered it in the past you owe it to yourself to take it for a test drive. Follow this link for more information.  My Lead System Pro 

It is time to become the business person you need to be, and attract all of the business you need directly to you.

Start Attracting Now

About The Author

Jeff Atkins is a TOP 1% Network
Marketing Professional who helps struggling networkers create time and financial freedom to live a happier, more fulfilling life by teaching the fundamentals as well as how to create online systems that generate an endless supply of qualified prospects eager to follow
them in their MLM.


  1. If you have any questions about how to start using attraction marketing in your business comment below or connect with me on social media. I’m here to help. 🙂

  2. Chuck Holmes

    It took me several years to figure out attraction marketing, but I’m glad I stuck with it. I first learned about the concept in Magnetic Sponsoring, nearly five years ago. I took what I learned, made a lot of mistakes, but finally built a highly popular and successful MLM Blog that gets tons of traffic and generates leads and new reps almost 24/7. It was a lot of hard work, but well worth it! Anyone who is trying to build their business online should figure out attraction marketing, so they can position themselves as a leader and work smart.

    Great blog, Jeff.


  3. Melissa

    I wish I knew that sooner. This is a great article that a lot of people in the home based business industry can benefit from. The more value you provide,the more results you’ll get. Thanks for posting Jeff

  4. Jameelah El-Amin

    Jeff, you really nailed it in this article. I strongly believe in the concepts of attracting marketing. I actually had never heard of it until recently. Keep up the great work and I am looking forward to reading more from you.

    Thank you!

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