Best Lead Generation Ideas
Best Lead Generation Ideas

Best Lead Generation Ideas

Getting a regular supply of leads is easy. But if you want a continuous supply of highly qualified leads then that could be a different matter. Let’s just assume that you’re searching for highly qualified leads so here we are going to outline 1 or 2 good lead generation ideas that you might use to get those highly qualified leads.

Referrals are by a large margin one of the finest techniques to get cheap top quality leads, and you can generate these if you are selling online also.

Depending on your market this is a great idea for creating particularly high quality sales leads : If you’re selling business to business then simply start to know other delegates who are in similar not competing firms.

For instance if you sell health-related products, such as vitamins etc . You could start to know the reps that go into gyms to sell equipment.

Contact companies online and suggest an advertising swap, your banner would go on their web site and vice versa it’s a good way to generate leads on the internet. Attempt to approach website owners who’ve got a higher page ranking than you do because they get the maximum traffic. If your internet site is low in the rankings then you’re going to have to aim at other sites that are only one or two steps above you. All you have got to do is construct an amicable e-mail having a link to your internet site and make the recommendation, it will only take a minute or two.

Check to determine if these higher-ranked firms offer an affiliate marketing programme which you can join to generate some commissions, although this does not offer an answer to getting your business name out there.

Most people don’t enjoy聽cold calling, but if you don’t have any other bright ideas it’s going to be better than wasting the 1st couple of hours of your day staring out the window. At least it will get your company’s name out there.

Begin to make cold calls聽every day, whether or not it’s only 10 a day, that adds up to 50 a week so you should get one good lead from your work.

Another one of the better lead generation ideas are trade shows – one more way of generating sales leads but the events you slect must be highly relevant to your business.

Trade shows can be costly too, you will have to have special advertising outlined up and maybe employ somebody else to help. There are also flight / travel and hotel costs to take into consideration.

But trade shows can regularly result in poor sales as they’re infrequently attended by the folks that make the decisions within a company.

An opt-in box on a site is the very best way to drive sales leads. But you’ve got to get traffic to your website for anyone to know you exist, and that’s pretty difficult nowadays.

Doubtless you have an internet site, so the most effective way to generate leads from your internet site is by having an opt-in box, and that means doing intensive keyword research, using long-tail keyphrases which are terms that the majority use to hunt for things and bringing traffic to your internet site. For you to generate good qualified leads from a website it has to be on the front page of Google when someone puts in a search. If you are not on the first page, most people will disregard your site and it truly doesn’t signify how well designed it is or how much you spent on it, it’s simply a fact.

There are lots of other lead generation ideas you can try, but in all honesty you really need a system and that is a reliable system of lead generation that masses of people are using daily to make serious incomes.

There are countless paths to generate leads, but what you need is a proven system you can put all of your efforts into, so if you’re having a really hard time generating leads you should look at one of the finest systems on today’s market. For some more info click here .

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About The Author

Jeff Atkins is a TOP 1% Network Marketing Professional who helps struggling networkers create time and financial freedom to live a happier, more fulfilling life by teaching the fundamentals as well as how to create online systems that generate an endless supply of qualified prospects eager to follow them in their MLM.


  1. Chuck Holmes

    If I could share one lead idea with people I would tell everyone to identify a crystal clear target market. Focus on groups of people who are “most likely” to be interested in your products or services. As you get customers, upgrade the happy retail customers into wholesale distributors and business builders.

    From personal experience, I have found that most of the population does not like to sell and does not want to own a business, but just about everyone likes to buy.

    Expose – Involve – Upgrade. That is my best advice.

    What do you think?

    • I agree completely Chuck… Isn’t it ironic that most people look at network marketing as sales and SALES PEOPLE tend to have the most difficulty plugging into our system… Its all about exposure… We use the phrase “Pique, Pass, and Plug”… pique interest with a question… pass a link to a video or website where they can view a presentation… plug the prospect into the upline to get their questions answered… We dont even attempt to close them… We simply walk them from exposure to exposure and periodically take their temperature and eventually they are ready to go or decide its not for them…

      I too have found that most people aren’t looking to start a business… even when the tax advantages of doing it make it a no lose situation… Most people however ARE open to increasing their cash flow… starting a business may sound risky.. but increasing cash flow sounds awesome. 馃檪

      Thanks again Chuck… always enjoy your comments


  2. MLM Jetpack

    Whatever lead generation tactic it may be, it always must provide value to the prospective sign-up or visitor because people won’t just place their e-mail addresses and trust if there is no value involved.

    • You must provide value and have a good follow up. Few leads will just visit your link and buy or become a distributor. Most people I sponsor require 10-20 follow ups before they ever join my team. I combine high touch and high tech to do that. This is a business of numbers initially, but it also a business of strategy, skill and relationships.
      Chuck Holmes recently posted…Top 20 DXN Global Products of All TimeMy Profile

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