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And it is a Revolution… Every industry will be affected by block chain technology… During the Internet Boom of the 90’s, companies who migrated online were first to grab market share, made BILLIONS in the process and changed the way we do most everything… Then came the Mobile Revolution, and apps moved the world from the desktop to the palm of our hands… The Blockchain Revolution isn’t going to be as visible in terms of how we access the world but it is going to have a tremendous impact behind the scenes and those who take advantage of it stand to make fortunes while those who ignore it will simply watch it happen…



The goal of this page is education… and more importantly… how to put that education to work for you… I’ve written and rewritten the next sections several times in trying to figure out the best place to start and I’ve decided that its best to start with WHY… some of the educational process can be a bit dry and technical.. and you may be all about that… but most people arent… so if I gloss over some of the technical elements and you have questions, feel free to use the comment section to ask anything you’d like… just be respectful. 🙂

I am not a financial advisor and nothing on this blog should be construed as financial advice… I am simply sharing MY experiences and some of the knowledge I have gained in my quest for understanding… Do all the due diligence you can then make your own decisions… You OWN your results.


Well Known Investors in Crypto-Currency

Julian Assange – Wiki-Leaks
Al Gore – Vice President
Mark Cuban – Billionaire – Once a Skeptic Now Investing Millions into Crypto
Peter Theil – Billionaire Founder of Paypal
Nassim Nicholas Taleb – Author
David Friedman – Economist
Ashton Kutcher – Actor / Venture Capitalist
Kevin O’Leary – Shark Tank
Tim Draper – Billionaire
Michael Novogratz  – Billionaire (Invested 10% of his Net Worth into Bitcoin & Ethereum)
Chamath Palihapitiya – Billionaire Venture Capitalist and owner of Golden State Warriors
Richard Branson – Billionaire
Lawrence Summers – 71st Secretary of Treasury and 27th President of Harvard University
Sean Parker – Napster/Facebook
The Winklevoss Twins (Cameron & Tyler) – Facebook

Some of the Companies that Already Accept Bitcoin

Subway (Testing in Various Markets)


So What is Bitcoin

What is the Difference Between Bitcoin & Ethereum

CEDRIC DAHL – Hedge Fund Owner
“Ethereum Could be the MOST Valuable Technology of our Lifetime”


Non-Technical Explanation 5:24

Non-Technical Explanation 5:24

Technical Explanation 22:24

Technical Explanation 22:24

The Blockchain Visualized 17:49

The Blockchain Visualized 17:49

Hedge Fund Managers are Flocking to Ethereum and Bitcoin

Coinmarketcap – screenshot of top 50 currencies

Coins I’m currently investing in:

coming soon… FileCoin and Civic

Ways to make money with crypto currency

  • Buy and Hold
  • Speculating on ICOs
    • Not advised unless you are VERY educated on the technology, team, competition, etc…
    • Lots of Bogus/Scam coins to avoid
  • Mining
    • Rigs
    • Cloud Mining
      • Usually a bad investment as returns diminish over time reducing your ROI due to the coins difficulty increasing and mining rewards decreasing. Many of these companies have affiliate programs that pay commissions for referring others… I’m all for affiliate programs but if the service isnt profitable UNLESS you refer others I dont see the point… If you’re good at referring others have at it otherwise don’t bother.
  • Currency Trade (Like Trading Stocks or FOREX)
    • Do It Yourself
      • You need a fair bit of education before you can be consistently profitable and avoid common pitfalls.
    • Buy a Bot (Automated Software to Trade for you 24/7)
      • these can range from a one time $300 purchase to several hundred per month services. They are only as good as your ability to program them however… This has created a secondary market for those who know what they are doing to resell their bot settings… In a 30 day test i managed to average 1.43% compounded daily on my investment portfolio… spent MANY hours learning and made many mistakes and still managed to only have 4 negative days… its hard to evaluate the success based on this however as Bitcoin saw a huge spike during this timeframe… also worth pointing out that the Bot I am using tends to miss out on the big gains opting instead for smaller consistent gains of 4-6%… Since nobody has a crystal ball its prudent to invest a small amount of your portfolio into multiple currencies rather than going all in on any one currency… I would additionally recommend that you only invest in coins you are optimistic on their long term sustainability as you will inevitably have an investment that drops in price and you could be holding for a while waiting on it to recover… you could sell at a los and move the funds into another coin that has upward movement though many times I did this the loser I left rebounded in price leaving me questions my decision…
    • What about Margin?
  • Loan your Coins for Interest
    • Margin Funding
      • very safe returns loaning your coins to other investors who are betting the price will drop.
      • This is icing on the cake if you only do this with coins you are committed to holding long term.
    • Lend to a Professional Bot Trader
      • Incredible hands free returns… I’m currently averaging 1.4% per day and compounding my interest
      • Easy to get started
      • Funds are tied up for a set period of time (between 120 – 300 days)

Get Educated

Stay informed



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How to Buy Bitcoin or Ethereum

The most user friendly way I’ve found for a beginner to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin is thru Coinbase. Coinbase adds a small fee (currently 3.99% at the time of writing) to cover merchant fees and make a small profit off each transaction… While Coinbase is a GREAT place to start, if you want to make regular purchases and or trades you will want to take the time to create an account with one of the exchanges. Coinbase integrates seamlessly with GDAX since they are mutually owned. GDAX is the largest exchange in the USA and their servers are hosted with Amazon AWS. My experience with Coinbase/GDAX has been great for the most part however there have been a few times during high volatility where even Amazons servers struggled to keep up. Any tech company experiencing the amount of growth is bound to struggle with high traffic.  I’ll update my recommendation here if anything changes.







Where to Buy

Coinbase / GDAX – Based in USA
(Get $10 in Bitcoin for opening an Account)







CoinMama – (No Longer Open to US Residents)

Allows you to buy Bitcoin (but ONLY Bitcoin) with a credit card.
Buy Bitcoin



Where to Trade

GDAX (Coinbase) –

Bittrex –

Poloniex –

Kraken –

Gemini –


Recommended Tools

Coinigy – Market Charts –

Shapeshift – Exchange from one currency to another


Cloud Mining Sites

xxxxx Nothing Reputable Worth Mentioning at this Time xxxxx

Auto-Pilot Investment Sites 




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