How to Choose a Network Marketing Company

How to Choose a New Network Marketing Company

Whether you’ve been in the network marketing industry for years or you are only starting, there are many factors that should be considered when choosing a new network marketing company.

When you take into consideration the thousands of network marketing enterprises that have already been and gone, you’re most probably aware of the quick rise and fall of many network marketing companies.

The great thing about the Web is that you can keep a watch on new network marketing programs easily. Doing your due diligence on a network marketing company shouldn’t be 5 minutes of research… You need to be certain you will be building your business with the correct company. The network marketing model has been around for years, and it does work, but only if the business is run properly.

This is a rapidly changing market-place and you have to be sure that the company you select will not disappear rapidly… You need to evaluate the company… their financial stability their guiding principles… their leadership both in the home office and in the sales field. You also need to evaluate their products, the timing and trends in the market, and lastly the compensation plan. The comp plan is important but all of the other pieces need to be in place before the comp plan matters… I’ll write a complete article on this topic at a later time.

One key point about the product… EVERY company has a great product… This is the focal point around which everything else is built… BUT it is vitally important that it is something people will always need and preferably WANT… Even if WIDGETS are in high demand right now, will they be in 20 years? or will the company need to adapt to a changing world… A great company today that needs to adapt later may do well or could implode if they don’t handle the transition properly. I would also recommend that the product not need to be explained… I’ve been involved with companies that had great products with incredible health benefits but new reps will feel that they need to learn all about the product before taking action and if a potential customer doesn’t understand the product its a reason for them not to purchase… A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself this question… “Would I and others purchase this product on a regular basis if it were sold in stores?” If the answer is yes then chances are good that you have a solid product.

Network Marketing Companies Come and Go

New Network Marketing Programs regularly pop up, gain some quick momentum then seemingly vanish without a trace. When you factor in that there are around 50 new network marketing programs turning up every few weeks – the choice is going to be difficult. The web does make it a little easier though.

When you have your choice down to a couple companies, then you must watch their sites closely and monitor any blogs that appear on the subject of their services and goods.

Also how are they advertising? Are they making an investment in print ads, email marketing, and maybe Television advertisements. The more the company’s marketing budget is, the more the word will get out and the product known, and this could be to your benefit. I say “may be” because some corporations have failed totally because they have spent too much on advertising and blown their budgets too quickly.

Learn to Gauge Blog Comments

Frequently you’ll get network marketers griping on blogs that they aren’t making any money and you’ve got to see why. Take a bit of time to pose questions on these blogs, you may find out that these folk have failed because they spend more time complaining on blogs rather than getting out there and working!

If you’re New to Network Marketing, Watch out For These Problems

Once you have decided that one particular network marketing opportunity is right for you, remember that there are many people online that make their money by selling fake info to newbie network marketers… Don’t be tempted… There is no way you can become an instant millionaire overnight from network marketing. You’ll see all of their ads for “the secret way”, or “how to make millions” courses for sale, but pay no attention to those. Trust me when I tell you that there’s No Shortcut to success in Network Marketing… Yes there’s lots of GREAT training programs available out there that can help you succeed quicker… I even link to some of them on this site… But they all require you to invest your Time or your Money and in some cases BOTH… If you aren’t willing to invest time and money in yourself then let me save you some frustration… Network Marketing isn’t for you…

If you are like most people and aren’t much of a risk taker, find a network marketing company that has been successfully trading for at least 5 years. Avoid brand-new network marketing companies, these regularly promise enormous wealth but do not deliver. The truth is most network marketing companies fail within their first 3 years. So that would suggest you fail too.

Another significant factor to think about is how you can promote your new network marketing business. It’s crucial that you have money put aside in the shape of a marketing budget, lots of time to dedicate to expanding your business, and the ability to build and market a website.

How are you going to generate as sufficient amount quality leads? One thing you actually can do to guarantee success, is to have a look at trusted MLM lead producing systems, which may reduce your advertising costs and help get you off to a flying start.

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Jeff Atkins is a TOP 1% Network Marketing Professional who helps struggling networkers create time and financial freedom to live a happier, more fulfilling life by teaching the fundamentals as well as how to create online systems that generate an endless supply of qualified prospects eager to follow them in their MLM.

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  1. I like that you pointed out that doing due diligence on a marketing company isn’t just five minutes of online research. Like you said, it’s important to find the correct company to do business with, which requires more time and work to discover. Looking at each company’s blogs and advertisements like you suggested are some good ways to gauge how well they’ll work for you. Thanks for the article.

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