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I am no longer promoting Organo Gold. I am a huge believer in Ganoderma (the key ingredient in their healthy coffees) but I can no longer in good conscience promote the company. There were many factors that influenced my decision but mainly changes in the compensation plan and the integrity of our聽upline support team strained our passion. We determined it was more difficult for our team members to succeed in the new environment and therefore aligned with a new opportunity.

Our new venture has proven to have been an excellent decision. We have earned many times more in a few months than we had in several years with Organo Gold. More importantly, the success of our those on our team has also increased quite noticeably. Our retention rate has gone from 16% to over 92%. If you are curious as to where our passion now lies, check out our聽Best Decision Ever

I welcome the opportunity to speak with you directly and encourage you to consider joining our team of winners. We are committed to your success and we prove it!

Feel free to contact me聽at聽317-606-3648.

This page remains here for information purposes only and I wish all who remain nothing but success.

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  • Demond Crump
  • The Nilsen Family
  • David Imonitie
  • Jose Ardon
  • Rod Smith
  • Ed Hartly
  • Marianne Noad
  • Rramon Fulcher
  • Sulaiman Rahman
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  1. Keith Tolsma

    Hi Jeff,

    This is Keith Tolsma from Wisconsin. IO was reading the posts following the MLMcomp plan best choice. I totally agree with you, as this is only based on how many people actually vote, not actual facts. However I am an Organo Gold distributor, and would like your unbiassed opinion of its pay structure. I currently have not yet sponsored anybody so I really have not seen anything to go by. Thanks much! Keith

    • Hi Keith… thanks for stopping by… I’d like to give you an unbiased opinion but I was an organo gold distributor for a few years and changes in the comp plan forced me to change so I’m not sure how unbiased it will be but here goes 馃檪

      Organo Gold has a number of things going for it… Great Products that are not only healthy but taste great and are highly consumable. Your customers will purchase regularly and won’t need to be reminded to reorder. The profits from retailing can be very nice as well. We successfully made $50-100/hr in profit going door-to-door! Ironically I am enjoying their black coffee in my favorite Mickey mouse mug at this very moment… They have an excellent system and training and their leadership principles are top notch… That being the question revolves around the company’s compensation plan.

      To put it bluntly, it is one of the most top heavy comp plans in the industry. This is great if you are a top producer. You could migrate your team over to OG and almost certainly make a lot more money… But recently OG has seen a mass exodus of some of their TOP diamonds due to a recent change in the comp plan that creates even more breakage and money flowing to the most successful of reps… To hit the first executive level Sapphire takes 14,000 in volume (933 boxes at 15 pts per) if people are ordering the minimum 3 boxes this would mean it takes 311 active people on the team to achieve the FIRST promotion. Sure you could hit it with less as it would only take 31 people if each were ordering a $450 case each month… We did but only a handful of people on our team followed suit…

      Diamonds like Demond Coleman, Stormy Wellington, Romacio Fulcher and others have recently left in pursuit of greener pastures… people come and go and there many more who chose to remain..

      My person opinion if you decide to stay with OG… Focus on sampling and retailing while learning the skills necessary to build any business… build an income from that and then move into recruiting once you have some success to back you up… then teach your people to do the same… it’s not the fast road but its doable

      If you want a truly unbiased opinion check out the review that ted Nuyten did at

      I never want to persuade others away from something they are committed to but if you are looking for a way to hit the ground running income wise head over to and see why we switched teams.

      To your Success,


      P.S. Remember to do something each day that your future self will thank you for!

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