paid2save disappointment
paid2save disappointment

Paid 2 Save Network

Paid2Save Network Review


Stay tuned for an updated review on my DISAPPOINTING 3 Year Journey with Paid2Save…

I’m too SHOCKED to go into details at the moment but for now I will just say that I am Saddened, Disappointed, Hurt, & Angry at the decisions the corporate team has made on multiple occasions…

I wish all of those who continue to remain involved nothing but the best.




I was told Paid2Save is going to be the “Next Big Thing”… Yeah Right, I thought to myself… Having been in the Network Marketing Industry for over 25 years, I have connected with THOUSANDS of other Marketers, so it’s not uncommon for me to be pitched multiple times each week on the so called “Next Big Thing”…

More often than not I’ve already investigated the program and have formed an opinion and most are nothing special and generally offer a great product or service with a compensation plan that rewards the elite…

Everyone says their compensation plan is the best compensation plan in the industry but rarely do they fully understand it nor have they analyzed countless other mlm comp plans… but I have… and it’s not often that a new company comes across my desk and causes me to have goosebumps… but Paid2Save did just that…

In fact, I told the young lady who explained the paid2save compensation plan to me that she probably misunderstood something because it sounded too good to be true… I did my due diligence and sure enough she was right…

Faced with what I now know to be a significantly better com plan that would allow our new team members to succeed faster than ever Lee Ann and I made the decision to transition to Paid2Save. And since our move Paid 2 Save has enhanced the compensation plan… Honestly I didnt even think that was possible, but they did it!

I believe that Paid2Save is one of, if not THE most POWERFUL opportunities with a UNIQUE compensation plan that allows you (if you are coachable) to make SIGNIFICANT money right out of the gate while at the same time acquiring customers the easiest way possible… Giving away a FREE Mobile App to Customers or FREE Advertising to businesses… YOU CANT SELL FREE 🙂

Check out the audios and videos below then call or text me with any questions. 317-220-7158

Paid2Save Brief Overview

If  that video got your attention watch the next video and call me ASAP


Paid 2 Save Full Presentation

Paid2Save solves 2 problems that plague the industry…

First, with product based companies, you have to educate the prospect about a product they didn’t even know existed prior to your meeting…. sure the product is amazing but its usually at this point that the prospect becomes a label reader and has to know WHY the product works and whats in it… (Isn’t it ironic that they read the label on our products but continue to put poison in their body through off the shelf products without ever reading a label… I digress..)

Then they reach the point where the customer has to decide if they have enough money in their already tight budget to squeeze in yet another product… If they do YIPPEE… we’ve got a new customer or team member… but the first time they get hit with the inevitable unexpected financial hiccup they shut off their autoship…

Paid2Save overcomes this… We’re just giving away a mobile app… Ask yourself this… “If there was a FREE Mobile App that saved you money at most of the places you are already shopping would you want to know more about it?”

By the way you can download the app and see for yourself by clicking HERE or go to your app store and search for Paid2Save and enter Referral ID 94339

Second, when it comes to building a team, when you get down to the real struggle, it’s all about bringing on new team members faster than the old ones are quitting… How broken is that?

In our last company we looked at how many of our team members that were active last year were still active twelve months later… any guesses? 16%…. only 1 in 6 were still active a year later… AND WE WERE GROWING!

Paid2Save solves this issue… we are simply saving people money on things they already are buying… shutting off your autoship with paid2save would cost you money… why would you ever quit?  How would it affect your current business if your team members NEVER quit? Retention is a HUGE issue… When people stay active your success building a business is only a matter of time.

The trilogy marketing plan is HUGE… Once you fully understand this aspect you will have sleepless nights… we call it paid2save insomnia… The biggest checks in our industry have come from comp plans with coding but most companies dont have the profit margin to make coding a reality but paid2save does.  Watch the next video to see how it works 🙂

View the Paid2Save Compensation Plan Video

Paid2Save is now available Internationally as well… We are open for business in:




New Zealand

U.S. Territories… 

Click Play to listen to a corporate update call where I am interviewed at 9:08 (may take a few seconds to load)

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If you are prompted for a Referral ID# enter 94339

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About The Author

Jeff Atkins is a TOP 1% Network Marketing Professional who helps struggling networkers create time and financial freedom to live a happier, more fulfilling life by teaching the fundamentals as well as how to create online systems that generate an endless supply of qualified prospects eager to follow them in their MLM.
The OPINIONS expressed in this review are just that… You should make your own decision on whether or not to do business with Paid2Save and not rely in whole or in part on the views of one person… Everyone has a unique experience with any business opportunity they join and yours could and likely would be MUCH better than mine.


  1. How did u hear about this app? My boss at work told me about it im still trying to decide if being a brand partner is worth it. Do i loose any money? what if i sign people up and they don’t purchase anything. When something sounds to good to be true it normally is. I don’t think my boss would lead me down a path to loose money i just am not sure if this forgive me calling it this but a pyramid scheme is legit or if im going to get screwed . Please write me back. I have been trying to get all the info i can on this before i make any decisions. I looked them up on the bbb website and they had no info on the company . Do u have any cites i can go on other than the paid 2 save cites that will answer more questions for me?

    • Hi shay… I get the apprehension… we are conditioned to be skeptical when things sound too good to be true… but in this case I can reassure you that your boss is not leading you astray… the new veraion of the app is about to be released to android and apple on friday then will be avail for download once approved… usually within 24 hrs for android and 1-10 day for apple… you cant really lose money as its not an investment… the package you get started with $200 or $400 gives you 1 or 4 weeks of dream share, a $50 gift card, and access to savings on dental, vision, entertainment, travel, 10% off your existing cell phone plan if with at&t or verizon, pharmacy discounts, and a legal plan…

      When the new app goes live you will have access to savings at big box stores like kmart, walmart, kohls, best buy, sears, target, and 9000 more… also online with amazon, groupon, and others…

      When you share the app with your friends and they save money at places they were already going to shop you can earn 10% of the ad revenue generated from those merchants… those businesses are paying paid to save to drive customers to their business. 🙂

      Win win

      Ask your boss for access to his website and if you have questions ask him to get you on the phone with his upline leader.

      Good luck and feel free to call me as well.

  2. Chris K

    Is this available in the UK Jeff?

    • Currently only available in the USA Chris but were expecting some big announcements at convention in april… we’re branching out into mobile gaming which will open us up internationally to earn money while our customers are playing games on their phones… how awesome is that? Send me a friend request on facebook and ill keep you posted on new developments as they happen. 🙂

  3. Sounds amazing and could be a deeply honor to be part of your team.
    Unfortunely paid2save is Not a international business yet, isn’t it?
    I live in Italy and I’d like to start with paid2save here.
    Is it possible?
    Thanks in advance, Best regards

    • connect with me on facebook Salvo… We are going int’l very soon and you could be the first to bring this opportunity to your country! 🙂

  4. 1. are your payout figures up to date?
    2. do I have to pay anything to give the free app away and earn?
    3. if I invite 500 friends and they download the app, do I get 10% from each of them? do I earn from their referrals….and their referrals….etc
    4. can I upgrade at anytime from fun pack to endless fun pack?

    • Thanks for your questions Martin. Id love the opportunity to speak with you directly… feel free to call me directly 317-606-3648… I don’t bite 🙂

      To answer your questions…
      1. The compensation plan in the video is current as of this comment.
      2. There is no cost to become a connector, simply download the app and register. You can now Share and Earn 🙂
      3. Once you are a connector you are then qualified to earn 5% on your direct referrals who download the app every time they save money… You can also sponsor merchants and earn 10% on all advertising revenue created from customers redeeming your merchants offers… As a free connector you do not earn beyond your personal efforts… In order to earn multi-level commissions you must become a brand partner… As a brand partner you earn 10% instead of 5% from your direct referrals and you get a 5% over-ride on any of their referrals to infinity (5% to the connector who referred them and 5% to you).
      4. You can upgrade during your first 30 days from the fun pack to endless fun pack and qualify for the fast track bonus…

      I hope this helps you understand how powerful and viral our concept is. Lets connect and see if it makes sense to move forward.

      To your Success!

  5. Hey Jeff,

    I keep seeing the Fun Pack and the Endless fun pack. After reviewing the corporate site, I cannot figure out what exactly that entails. I see one week and 4 weeks, no expiration, 200,000 nights available, 80% off and others. If I were to become a brand partner, purchase the Endless Fun pack, besides becoming a brand partner and the opportunity to build a team, what do I get out of this pack?

    Thanks for the insight

    • The difference between the Fun Pack and Endless Fun Pack (besides 3 extra weeks of vacation discounts) is that we have a promotion tied to the Endless fun Pack that fast tracks you in our compensation plan… normally once you personally 3 brand partners (at either package level) you are promoted to the Brand Supervisor position but right now if you purchase the Endless Fun Pack you get to skip to the next level which is Brand Manager… This isnt a small deal to you because of our leadership coding bonuses…

      Starting with the 4th person you personally sponsor you will now qualify to earn a leadership bonus on the 1st three brand partners they enroll as well as their 1st three and their 1st three to infinity… the easiest way to grasp this is to understand that from your 4th person on they are CODED to you… and anyone who is CODED to you their 1st three people are also CODED to you… and since they are CODED to you so are their first three and so on…

      As a Brand Manager your CODING bonus is $90 on each of those endless fun pack purchases (the vast majority purchase the endless fun pack)… if you were to join at the basic fun pack level your commission on all of those peoples purchases to infinity would be $60 instead… a $30 difference… That commission will go to your sponsor or whomever you are coded to instead of you…

      So we dont have an incentive to upsell you to the higher level but we have ann obligation to inform you what you could be giving up should you choose to not take advantage of the Endless Fun Pack…

      If you still are a bit hazy feel free to call me 317-606-3648 or watch this video

  6. Gary Fletcher

    I’m getting ready to start Paid2Save when i get my android phone. There is just one problem however. I want to enroll as a brand partner in lieu of just being a connector, but state of Kansas people are not allowed to purchase the” Ultimate Pack” or any other one for that matter. My question is;is there another way that i can be branded. Thanks,Gary Fletcher

    • Hi Gary and thanks for your question… Our Ultimate Club M (with medical discounts like teladoc etc) isnt available in Kansas and a few other states so we created the Ultimate Club S (Security) which has Identity theft protection for everyone in your household, our legal services discounts, $50 certificate monthly, as well as the travel and entertainment club discounts, expense tracker and 10% discount on AT&T or Verizon cell phone service… At the time of this comment the form at registration hasnt been updated and still shows that its not available in KS but rest assured you are good to go.

      If I can be of any help to you in your business dont hesitate to reach out to me.

      Have an awesome day!

  7. Jeff, I love your Web Site. It explains all!

  8. Hi there
    When will these available in Canada? I’m excited about this business opportunity.

    • Just spoke with David Hart, our CEO, tonight and he said that we will be opening Canada in about 6 months. 🙂

      Send me your contact info and we can begin pre-launching if you want to be one of the first in your country. EXCITING! 317.220.7158

  9. Rizwan

    When will it start in pakistan

  10. Intrigued

    I’m confused. At the top of this you say wait for “updated review on my DISAPPOINTING 3 Year Journey with Paid2Save.” Were you disappointed with this venture? Also, I was recently approached about a venture where I pay to get into the “business,” recruit other people and we are selling a 12.95/mth plan. Is this what you are apart of? If so, how do we market the product, not just get money by getting more people involved? I’m trying to see the good in this, but it screams pyramid scheme. Your thoughts are helpful.

    • Hi Jen_795

      I see no value in the current 12.95 monthly membership… Sure it gets one access to wholesale travel but one would have to travel quite often for the discounts to surpass the $150/year spent… and If I can get a free 30 day trail I would just use a new email account each time i need to travel… The old model had value… discounts on multiple areas of life expenses… the current model is a recruiting game in my humble opinion, which as you stated screams something regulators arent fond of and will work to put an end to… sad days indeed…

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