succeed in network marketing

Succeed in Network Marketing

Succeed in Network Marketing Quickly with these Simple Steps.

Everyone wants to know How to Succeed in Network Marketing, but first let’s look at why people join the industry. People join our profession for a number of reasons… Why did YOU join? Maybe you want to be your own boss and live life on your terms… Maybe you realize that your current income isn’t enough to allow you to do the things you want to do or help those you’d like to help… Perhaps you are already self employed and quite successful but see that you don’t have the time to enjoy your success… or you have all the time and money you’ll ever need and just want a way to help others become successful too… Regardless of YOUR reason I’m proud of you!

Finding the right network marketing company to join can be a challenge. Most 1st time MLMers join a company because they were introduced to the product or opportunity by someone they know. Most don’t decide to join the industry then search for the best fit… But that’s EXACTLY what the top network marketing pros do. They use criteria like the ones contained in this article from Entrepreneur Magazine to zero in on the best opportunity.

You’ve chosen a company… So now what?

There is no way that one article can contain the magical key to your success so this post is actually going to be a series of posts… Each module in the series will either build on the previous posts or start you on another direction of thought… so lets jump on in! 🙂

Inventory your MLM skills

If you are like most people you’ve either never been in network marketing before or you’ve never had success duplicating a successful team in any of the previous network marketing companies you’ve been involved with in the past… So let’s be honest here… Your track record shows that you don’t have the skills you need… Right??? Let’s fix that starting now.

Forget what you think you know. It’s time you get out of your own way and start creating that success we both know is possible. But in order for that to happen you have to be willing to do things you’ve never done… say and do things differently… As Jim Rohn would say “For things to change, we must change.” Truer words have never been spoken.

How To Succeed In Network Marketing


There are really only a handful of skills necessary to be successful in Network Marketing but before any of those matter you have to Inspect what you Expect and give yourself a checkup from the neck up… YOU CANT SKIP THIS STEP! Having the right mindset is crucial to your success and in Module 1 we will peel back the layers to reveal your real reason WHY you are in business. You will decide how serious you intend to be. You will take responsibility for your results and commit to yourself, your family and the world at large that you are going to make it happen!



If you owned a Starbucks you would have to constantly monitor your inventory to make sure you had ample product on hand in order to generate the necessary revenue to pay the bills, your employees and ultimately profit for yourself… To Succeed In Network Marketing your inventory is people. You need a fresh supply of people to introduce your product or service to in order to increase your customer base. You also need people who may be interested in joining you in business. In Module 2 we will discuss how to evaluate your current inventory of prospects as well as how to continuously add to your list so you will never again run out of people to talk to about your business.



I’ve heard the following phrase used all too often… “You can’t say the wrong thing to the right person.”  BULL$H17!!!  I’ve seen many interested prospects get completely turned off because a new distributor said WAAAAAYYYY too much or approached the prospect using the wrong method… Getting someone to take a look at your product, service, or opportunity is the single most important skill you MUST learn in order to Succeed in Network Marketing.  Take all the time you need to develop your skill in this area and it will pay off handsomely for years to come.  In Module 3 we will discuss the three distinctive approaches that will get your prospect to take a look at your opportunity.



They say that the person holding the pen makes more money… These days its the laser pointer clicker but you get the idea… The person delivering the presentation makes the money… usually… This is because they have graduated from being helped to helping others.  The quicker you can learn how to present your company’s opportunity the better but believe it or not when you are building in the early stages LESS is MORE… Module 4 will walk you through the stages of presenting your opportunity whether its just you and your prospect, a 2-on-1 with your team members, or presenting to a large audience.



Another cliche but I can’t stress it enough… The fortune is in the follow up!  For some reason people will do all the hard work of prospecting, and presenting and then FAIL to followup to see if their prospects have an interest in their opportunity. If I had to guess why I would say because this is the time when we get told NO or are asked questions like “How much are you making?”, “Is this a pyramid scheme?”, “How many people have you sponsored?”, etc… Rejection can be a tough pill to swallow in the beginning and learning how to answer questions properly is an important step to succeed in network marketing. In Module 5 you’ll discover how to fearlessly follow up with your prospects and become a master at answering questions and overcoming objections.



Everyone who looks at our industry wants what success in our industry can provide… Time Freedom to do what you want, when you want, with who you want… Why then doesnt everyone jump at the opportunity? Getting your prospects to say YES to joining YOUR team is a by product of proper followup, good posture, and asking the right questions and listening… In this module we will walk you through what proper posture looks like and what it isn’t, What questions to ask and when to ask them.



Your business is 100% dependent upon duplication… in order to leverage your time you have to create duplication… I’ve got good news and bad news here… The good news is duplication works… the bad is duplication works… Its important to  train your team but this is a delicate area and the wrong kind of training can demotivate an otherwise motivated teammate… In this module we will show you how to affect positive changes in your team AND teach them how to do the same



Your company undoubtedly offers promotions and bonuses from time to time with Money, Trips, and Recognition but smaller incentives for minor accomplishments can be more motivating and be the catalyst for massive action on your team… In this module we will show you how small incentives can go a long way in motivating your team.



As the saying goes, most people don’t plan to fail they fail to plan… But even those of us who DO plan need to stick to our guns and work… Creating a daily method of operation is critical to staying in the red zone and taking daily action with income producing activities… In this module we will get you on target and help you layout a game plan to take your business to the next level.






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Jeff Atkins is a TOP 1% Network Marketing Professional who helps struggling networkers create time and financial freedom to live a happier, more fulfilling life by teaching the fundamentals as well as how to create online systems that generate an endless supply of qualified prospects eager to follow them in their MLM.


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  1. Hi Jeff,

    I am quite new to Internet marketing, and I am visiting here because I want to learn and rise in this business. It intrigues me. Whenever I have search for ‘best marketers’ your name keeps coming up. So I had to take a look. And also I learn well from blogs. So here I am, and after the first few lines of your post I feel excited by the ideas you write about already.

    “Get out of your own way…” It’s so true that you can only learn something new if you empty yourself of what you think you know and become child-like in your awe. Then you find your space and passion to learn again.

    You also laser in on the cliches and habits we are taught or acquire as we grow older and then hang on to. Adults ignore what they did so well as children, which is to see new things with an excitement and urgency. Kids want to know now!

    Attraction Marketing and free content to whet appetite is the area I am most interested in. I’m so pleased I found this blog, and I’ll be a regular reader now. I see blogging as the way I can to show people who I am and what I do. Thank you.

    Kind regards
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