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Trunited Overview: What is Socialized Commerce?

If you have not yet heard of Trunited or Socialized Commerce, check out this short 1 minute overview of the company below.

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When my good friend, business partner, and 7-figure earner told me about Trunited, proclaiming it THE “Next Big Thing”… I was immediately curious… Having been in the Network Marketing Industry for over 27 years, I have connected with THOUSANDS of other Marketers, so it’s not uncommon for me to be pitched multiple times each week on the so called “Next Big Thing” by passionate and well meaning but new marketers… But when an Industry Leader with the midas touch and nearly 30 year track record of success says it… Well… Let’s just say he got my undivided attention.

More often than not, by the time I’m approached, I’ve already investigated the program and have formed an opinion… Most new companies are nothing special… generally they offer a great product or service with a compensation plan that rewards the elite and their management team has experience in successful traditional business or Direct Sales but rarely both…

And these days everyone blindly says their compensation plan is the best in the industry but rarely do they fully understand it nor have they analyzed the countless other mlm compensation plans in existence… but I have devoted my career to in-depth analysis… and it’s not often that a new company comes across my desk and causes me to have goosebumps… but Trunited did just that…

In fact, at first glance, I had my reservations as to whether or not Trunited’s compensation model was sustainable long term… I dug deeper and I’m now a HUGE fan of the revolutionary model… I believe more companies will utilize this method provided it’s creator, Dr. Nicholas Porter, decides to license it since he patented the companies algorithm.

I am a firm believer in Intelligent Diversification… not having all my eggs in one basket… I’ve been burnt too many times in the past… spending years building a huge team and income only to have the proverbial rug pulled out from under us and being forced to find another company and begin the rebuilding process…  What makes Trunited so GREAT is that it can run parallel to almost any other business… We are all shopping at Walmart… buying our Latte’s at Starbucks… Dining out the many popular restaurants available through Trunited … As well as purchasing online through retail juggernaut… Trunited is a No-Brainer…

I believe that Trunited is one of, if not THE most POWERFUL opportunities with the most UNIQUE compensation plan that allows you to make a SIGNIFICANT income with ZERO risk, but also acquiring customers and building a team the easiest way possible… Giving away FREE Memberships that are guaranteed to save consumers money at the businesses they are already frequenting… YOU CANT SELL FREE! And if you’re going to do it ANYWAY… Why not GET IN THE WAY and get paid? 🙂

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Trunited Overview by CEO and Founder Dr. Nicholas Porter

Trunited solves multiple problems that plague the home based business industry…

First, with product or service based companies, you either have to educate the prospect about something they didn’t even know existed prior to your meeting or get them to change loyalty from their regular brand over to your…. sure the products or services are amazing but its usually at this point that the prospect becomes a label reader and has to know WHY the product works and whats in it… (Isn’t it ironic that skeptics read the labels on our products but continue to poison their bodies with products off the shelf without ever thinking twice… I digress…)

Then, If they arent already using a similar product/service, they are faced with a decision of whether or not they have enough money in their already tight budget to squeeze in yet another expense… If they do, YIPPEE… we’ve got a new customer or team member… but the first time they get hit with the inevitable unexpected financial hiccup they will shut off their autoship…

Trunited overcomes this… We’re just giving away a free membership to the world’s first not-for-profit buying club… Ask yourself this… “If there was a FREE website that saved you money at most of the places you are already shopping would you want to know more about it?”

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Secondly, when it comes to building a team, when you get down to the real struggle, it’s all about bringing on new team members faster than the old ones are quitting… How broken is that system? and when you look at the real numbers, only a fraction of a percent are making any meaningful money.

How would it affect your current business if your team members NEVER quit?

In one of our businesses we looked at how many of our team members that were still active twelve months after joining… any guesses? 16%…. only 1 in 6 were still active a year later… AND WE WERE GROWING!

Trunited solves this issue… Trunited was designed with the goal of helping a million families save or earn an extra $500 a month… we are simply saving people money on things they already are buying… Why would you stop using a service like that? It will cost your members money to STOP using Trunited … why would you ever quit?

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Retention is a HUGE issue… When people stay active your success building a business is only a matter of time.

The Pay Plan 360 marketing plan is PURE GENIUS… Once you fully understand this aspect you will have sleepless nights… we call it “Tru-Insomnia”… Imagine getting a 100% Check Match on everyone in your organization through 15 generations.  No complicated percentages, matrix, or legs to balance… If your Team Member or customer saves $30, you EARN $30… If they save $50, you EARN $50… SIMPLY AMAZING!!!

Watch the next video to see how it works 🙂

Trunited Compensation Plan Video

Imagine the day when Trunited is available Internationally… VISION is being able to see into the Future… Take advantage of the opportunity in front of you TODAY and position yourself to Benefit from the explosive growth that is coming soon!!!



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