FireFan Mobile Game Review – Interactive LIVE Sports App

The FireFan Mobile Game is about to FLAME ON… If you are a sports fan you’re going to want to download it right now! Fire-Fan is the 1st Interactive Live Mobile Sports Game that lets you call the plays while you’re watching your favorite teams play LIVE… Not only is FireFan a cool second screen experience but you can also earn rewards through their loyalty program (similar to frequent flyer miles)… Some pretty cool rewards have been tossed around too… items like hats, shirts and other gear from your favorite teams as well as tickets to the game, electronics, even vacation packages…

fire fan mobile game

Watch the FireFan Mobile Game Promo Video

Fire-Fan has launched with NFL and MLS but will soon offer the ability to play along with ALL the major sports of the world, including; International Soccer, Cricket, Hockey, NBA, MLB, NASCAR, Golf, MMA, LaCrosse and Global Events such as the Olympics, Tour De France, World Championships, and many more…

So once you download the game for free from the google play or apple app store you are asked to enter a promo code… the promo code will give you some amount of free tokens to play the LIVE version of FireFan…

To Get The Maximum Free Tokens

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FireFan Mobile Game Pre-Play

After creating your free FireFan mobile game account, you can view this weeks calendar of games and select one to play along with… Prior to the live event you can make pre-game predictions… for instance if you are playing along with an NFL game your questions could be something like… Which team will win the coin flip?… How many yards will the kickoff be returned for?…  Which team will score first?… Who will be ahead at half-time?… or a variety of other questions based on your chosen skill level for the given sport.

fire-fan pre game

FireFan Mobile Game Live Play

Once the sporting event goes LIVE it’s time for FireFan to shine… They’ve basically taken the BEST aspects of Fantasy Sports and made Fire-Fan all about that… I always love the anticipation of needing the quarterback to pass to the wide receiver on my fantasy team and my excitement when it actually happens… That kind of added excitement only occurs periodically in fantasy but occurs non stop in Fire-Fan.

During lulls in the LIVE Play action you’re asked to make a prediction about the current state of the game… Will the next play be a rush or pass?… Will the offense score on the next possession?… Will the Kicker make the field goal attempt or miss?… The depth of questions is considerable, creating a unique game with each new game played…

Fire-Fan live play


Points are earned for every correct prediction in the FireFan Mobile Game… The points earned are weighted against the likelihood of the predicted outcome… Earning points allows you to compare and compete against others playing in the same event… after the game these points are added to your LIFETIME achievement points… Now you can compare yourself to your friends on social media… other FANS of your favorite team… other players in your league… your city… your state… your country… even worldwide… If you’re a competitive person you’ll love Fire-Fan’s multiple layers of competition.

Lets not forget about the in game social component of Fire-Fan… There’s no need to leave the FireFan mobile game to chat with your friends… just open the chat function and you can trash talk even adding your own unique Fire-Fan Emojis… Cuz sometimes words CAN’T describe your feelings and a picture (or in this case an animated GIF) is worth a thousand words…

But my FAVORITE element of Fire-Fan is the ability to play along with certain Celebrities, Athletes, and Brands (MVPs)… So far some of the known MVPs include:  Evander Holyfield, Bill Goldberg, Wee-Man, Ray Lewis, Bob Sapp, Joe Theisman, Michael Waltrip, John Buck, Demaryius Thomas, and about 1000 more…


Use Promo Code: maxbonus

Unlike mega popular games like Candy Crush, Clash Royal, and Pokemon Go where the only option to purchase the ingame currency is letting go of your hard earned cash, FireFan allows you to interact with advertisers or invite friends to play to earn FREE Tokens…  I highly recommend playing FireFan to see for yourself.