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Free Marketing Ideas that Work 

There are lots of free marketing ideas which will help you get your business spotted on the internet, they should also bring you valuable back links and help to move your website up in the rankings.

With 986,089,786 websites on the web (at the time of this post and increasing at a rate of 10/second), your site is a raindrop in an ocean, so finding some free marketing ideas is a good way of improving your rankings, increasing traffic and getting more sales.

There are many entrepreneurs who work night and day to make sure that their businesses are going to succeed, and it’s likely that are you’re one of those people and you are doing it on an especially small budget.

Fortunately there are numerous effective ways to get you and your website spotted, you just have to be creative and continue to work at it.

These are some Simple Free Marketing Ideas:

Off-line marketing can still be effective if you can get yourself out into the community. Do a couple of hours volunteering, or join clubs or organizations where you can meet other people and who you can hand out your card to with your web address written on it.

Important Side Note

Important Side Note

Don’t make the mistake of pitching everyone you meet your product, service, or opportunity though… This is mistake #1 that I see new networkers make time and time again. Instead do the opposite and use this time to get to know them. Ask lots of questions (i’ll go into more detail about the kinds of questions to ask in another post). When they ask questions of you be brief and ask yourself “How do NORMAL people answer this question”… Not that you aren’t normal but you get my meaning 🙂

Well If I am a nurse and someone casually asks me “So what do you do?”, my answer would be “I’m in nursing.”… The long version might be “I’m a cardiac nurse at Community Hospital East.. I’ve been there for 12 years and I absolutely love it.”… The one thing I’m not going to do is attempt to suggest to the person I’ve just met that all of their wildest dreams can come true if they become a nurse… See my point??? You absolutely should talk about your business when asked what you do, but keep it short and sweet… for example.. If someone were to ask me “So what do you do?”… I would reply “I’m actually in the gourmet coffee business… Do you or anyone you know drink coffee or tea?”  when they say yes I’ll hand them a sample and schedule a time follow up with them to see how they liked the coffee… There’s no need to go on and on…

There’s a big difference between selling a product and exposing  a product… The quickest way to turn someone off is to try to SELL them your product… simply find a need… some pain in their life… then provide them a possible pain killer in the form of your product or opportunity. 

Online marketing groups abound in the social networking world.

Join groups like rainmakers, BNI, or Meetup Groups, and see which you like the best, and have the most active members, ask questions and share your knowledge with others.

Blogs are another part of social networking , you can always find appropriate blogs by simply putting the keyword of your business into a browser with the word “blog”. Again you should find the ones that interest you the most and have the most active participants that remain on topic. As with any social marketing site, don’t simply jump in and start screaming about your business, no-one will take any notice of you, the only real way to become accepted is to provide value (beneficial information) and slowly become part of that blog’s community.

Share any info you deem acceptable in the comment section and make sure that you can leave a back-link to your website in the event that you post a question or answer. These sites are called “do follow” blogs.

If you have built a list, thru an opt-in form on your website, you might offer inducements to your subscribers.

Free is usually good in these circumstances and make sure that what you give away is relevant and has value.

That way your subscribers may share your content with their friends, thereby building your list further.

Offering discounts or something of value, if possible, to those who refer you or your products to their friends, is a good practice. They are essentially helping to build your downline. This is the key to relationship marketing. When people know, like, and trust you they will recommend you to others and possibly even join you in your business.

Make sure that your website is Google friendly by adding well optimized information in the form of articles on a constant basis, and if you do not have a blog attached to your site then add one. You need to use WordPress and get a plug-in called CommentLuv, which in effect allows blog authors to reward each other with back links.

Add fresh and high quality content regularly like free marketing ideas.

Offer link exchanges with other important businesses, but who do not compete with you.

Backlinks are vital in Google’s eyes, they’re like votes of confidence, and will pull you up through the rankings and get you more traffic.

Feel free to post your free marketing ideas in the comment section below… there are tons more!

About The Author

Jeff Atkins is a TOP 1% Network Marketing Professional who helps struggling networkers create time and financial freedom to live a happier, more fulfilling life by teaching the fundamentals as well as how to create online systems that generate an endless supply of qualified prospects eager to follow them in their MLM.


  1. These are all some great online marketing ideas, Jeff. At the end of the day, I still think the easiest thing to do is simply talk to people you meet. If people don’t want to do that, they don’t need a website. Facebook alone gives you access to more than one BILLION people. If people just worked through their friends on Facebook, and their friends, they will typically have access to more than 40 thousand people. That’s assuming each person has 200 friends and each of their friends have 200 friends.

    Great content by the way.

    Chuck Holmes

    • Thanks Chuck… Fan of your site as well… I think we can all agree that talking to people we meet is a given and speaking to ANYONE requires a willingness to do so and learning the proper skills to be effective… But introverts can be successful too when marketing online and attraction marketing creates a much different conversation… In my main opportunity, Paid2Save, I am regularly approached by people who others have prospected and failed to follow up with. They have done their due diligence and are ready to join but have no sponsor. By positioning myself online, I am sponsoring people almost effortlessly… Yes it takes effort to do what we do but a different kind of effort. 🙂

      And yes… Facebook IS a fantastic strategy… The vast majority are going about it all wrong but with a bit of guidance anyone can turn facebook into a cash cow.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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